single digital infrastructure system, SDIS &
design and development environment, DDE
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Great entrepreneurs forcus intensely on an opportunity where others see nothing

  • Minimize Your Target Start Up Needed Investment
  • Reduce The Risks
  • Maximize Your Target Start Up Market Penetration
The European Startup scene is vibrant and constantly growing at a rapid pace. Cross border investing syndicates and new government support tools in various countries are developing fast. The goal is to create an easier way for startups to share their Ideas & Innovations allowing them to interact with potential investors.
Through our Design & Development Environment (DDE) platform, startups can utilize Digi Coop's tools to create and manage their ideas & innovations. Then, they can easily recruit a motivated team of like minded people beyond cross borders to work on their projects.
Digi Coop can assist Startups to connect with each other and cooperate, ensuring low risk, smaller need for capital and faster market penetration. The goal is to benefit everyone on board in global market place.