single digital infrastructure system, SDIS &
design and development environment, DDE
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Our goal is to combine the best practices of
employment and entrepreneurship!

Are you an entrepreneur or a person with skills and want to join the creation of digital world and be more succesfull in your business. Digi Coop co-operative has a solution for
Digi Coop's infrastructure is now on the level that we are looking for innovative members to take over further development of it and digital services as well as operative members to take over Digi Coop's everyday business operations.
What does Digi Coop cooperative membership mean?
  • We are joining together people who are making the best digital services in the world
  • Our task is to network entrepreneurs having a clear vision and practical skills
  • People with entrepreneur mindset, passion and energy to build a new digital world
  • People who feel, that traditional employment is not for them any more
Digi Coop has membership profiles each focusing on certain fields of business.
  • Digi Coop is networking various types of members to deploy the best knowhow for every section of business in question
  • Digi Coop co-operative is owned by it's members
Innovative membership
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Operative membership
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