single digital infrastructure system, SDIS &
design and development environment, DDE
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Benefit your customers and enable them to create
income from their internal digital development.

There is an option, which would create a totally new market position for your company
Build, test and manage your projects seamlessly. Digi Coop's Design & Development Environment (DDE) provides you On Demand with resources and tools to dynamically run your end customer projects.
DDE enables you to combine your customer project end results seamlessly with other Digi Coop services. All applications support each other in the market penetration process. User Experience will improve and it opens up simultaneously a new Revenue Sharing income stream for you and your customer.
It is time to take your Company to the new Digital Era and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Single Digital Infrastructure System creates completely new possibilities. Instead of having your customers deal with non-functional and fragmented applications, SDIS can be used so that all applications will be interoperable and include interactive services.
Services which network seamlessly with all other services works at a single functionality level. The SDIS ensures that applications can be continuously developed without a version management problems.
Within our SDIS:


  • Ability to find the necessary resources for the various customer projects, Case by Case & On Demand
  • Development work allowing you to have access to R & D and Innovation earnings on a global scale
  • Ability reduce development costs and earn revenue, implements added value for end customers
  • Ability to search for new development projects nationally & globally
  • Your client applications seamlessly network with other applications without API integration and or version issues
  • Customer application market focuses on an evolutionary path