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About us

Digi Coop is a co-operative to provide a networking environment for enhancing your digital business. Digi Coop's revenue sharing benefits You and the digital World

Our Mission:
To provide an environment which allows individuals, freelancers, startups, SMEs and Corporations to discover new work opportunities, obtain revenue sharing, create a place for new innovations in a global seamless digital market.
Our Vision for the Future:
We believe that working together, co-opetition, gives better results than head to head competition. Digi Coop revenue sharing provides an environment where everyone can develop and win simultaneously. Tools for this are seamless design operations, an infrastructure that unifies different digital profiles, multi-vendor services and markets together. This set-up and co-operation are the future trends of digitalization.
We believe that in 2020, Digi Coop will be a global infrastructure & development operator in the field of digital services, promoting new innovations and how we work in the future across borders.

Digi Coop is not only a company or a project, but Single Digital Infrastructure System, which evolves together with your, with everyones ideas and innovations. The more you peel it, the more it opens up new opportunities for ideas, innovation and User Experiences. The mission of Single Digital Infrastructure System is to understand the needs as well as interaction relationships of digital profiles, services, IoT, smart automation as well as robotics and automatically turn these to profile specific User Interface enabling a user driven digital User Experience.

A digital User Experience, that scales to all services which the multi-vendor Single Digital Infrastructure System stand for. As you use one of these services it is easy to use any of the services and network seamlessly.

The focus is on hiding the technology, enabling you to turn your attention to the End-User Experience and new opportunities.

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Investor, member of the board

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